Trees are lifelong friends in our landscapes that increase property value as they age. Shade, flowers, fruit, privacy, natural air conditioning, and increased property values are just a few of the many benefits they bring. You likely already know the names of many common trees, but choosing one for your yard is another question. Here’s a short guide to help you select the best tree for your property! 



These sturdy giants are native to the hardwood forests and swamps of Mississippi. They’re known for their slow growth, sturdy wood, acorns, and towering size. Reaching heights of 50-70 feet or more and living beyond 200 years, any oak tree will become a multigenerational companion of your family and the wildlife in your neighborhood.    


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These towering hardwoods are prized for their broad canopies that give lots of shade even when they’re young. We love their unique gray and white peeling bark. A faster grower than the oak, they can rise at a rate of 2 feet each year and reach maturity at 100 feet. With this majestic size, sycamores are best for large yards and properties. 



These trees carry the state flower and are the official state tree! Magnolias are one of the most beloved trees of Mississippi; broadleaf evergreens, recognizable by their thick, glossy leaves that stay on the branches year-round. The silky, cup-shaped flowers appear in white, pink, purple, or yellow and always have a rich fragrance. Although some magnolias grow as tall as oaks in the wild, you’ll find many species in your yard that range from shrub-sized to small- or medium-sized trees.   


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Crape Myrtles

Depending on the variety, these flowering trees display a riot of blossoms in spring or early summer. The pink, white, lavender or red blossoms are often so abundant that they cover the whole canopy. They prefer dry, hot, and sunny locations and grow from multiple trunks. Rising 15-25 tall, they’re the perfect small tree for any place you want an abundance of spring flowers. 



Maples are a reliable shade tree loved for their uniquely-shaped leaves and scarlet fall colors. These tough trees grow as far north as Canada and reach the southern point of their range in Mississippi. They withstand cold, heat, and wind and are resistant to pests. With their broad, dense canopy, they’ll make hot summers in your yard much more enjoyable and even help cool down your house, like other big shade trees. 


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These ancient trees from southern Europe and the Middle East grow well in Mississippi. Besides offering delicious fruit, they also bring elegance and beauty to your yard with their small size and unique leaves. To reap a large bounty, they need moist soils,and a sunny spot, but the reward of fresh figs is well worth the extra care.   



These fruit-bearing trees are native to eastern North America. They produce a sweet, orange fruit with a texture somewhere between an apricot and an apple. As a small-to-medium-sized tree, they also provide shade and greenery in a manageable size. Like oaks, they’re slow-growing and produce dense and strong wood.   

Planting a tree in your yard is a small upfront investment with years of rewards. From flowers to fruit, shade, wildlife habitat, and natural air conditioning—name your desire, and there’s probably a tree that can provide it for you. Besides these tangible benefits, there’s also the simple comfort of having a tree in your yard to grow among and alongside your family year after year.


To find a new tree companion for your yard and landscape, feel free to visit our nursery in Pass Christian, Mississippi! We have an excellent selection, and our nursery is a great place for the whole family to enjoy.



Rachel Bond

Rachel Bond

I grew up around our family garden center, Pine Hills Nursery while attending Mississippi State University and studying Horticulture. Now I work there full-time and love it!

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