Here in sunny Mississippi, we deal with pretty intense heat for at least six months out of the year. If you want reliable garden color that lasts, look for heat-tolerant perennials that are ready to plant in spring. 

One of the perks of our warm climate is being able to grow exotic plants from around the world, and since they’re perennials, you’ll get to enjoy them year after year! There are also many beautiful native plants of Mississippi that have adapted to thrive in our climate with little intervention required.  


Fill Your Spring Garden with These Heat-Tolerant Perennials

While some flowers and plants can’t handle the heat of the deep south, these tough perennials are happy to soak up the sunshine, returning every spring with a fresh new display of foliage and flowers. 

Lantana: This lush, mounded plant is a favorite for container gardens and flower beds. Its vivid bloom clusters look like little bursts of fireworks. We especially love the multicolored varieties with pink, orange, and golden petals! 

Pine Hills Nursery - Heat-Tolerant Perennials to Plant This Spring-gaura flowers

Gaura: Repeating flushes of long-lasting star-shaped blooms emerge in summer and continue into fall. Its flowers are usually pink, white, or a combination of both, with narrow, pointed leaves. Gaura doesn’t need frequent watering, but when you do water, be generous!

Angelonia: Also known as “Summer Snapdragons,” Angelonia has fluted blooms that look like baby dragon heads growing all along its tall, upright stems. There is an endless assortment of colors to choose from—some even have multi-tonal ombré effects! 

Pine Hills Nursery - Heat-Tolerant Perennials to Plant This Spring-blue butterfly plant
Blue Butterfly Plant:
This exotic perennial is a top teller at Pine Hills. It’s uncommon to find true blue plants in nature, and this plant’s adorable blue petals really look like butterflies! Add some magic to your landscape with this heat-tolerant tropical beauty.

Pine Hills Nursery - Heat-Tolerant Perennials to Plant This Spring-salvia in garden
If you need a tall perennial for the back of your garden or to border a fence or pathway, plant some Salvia! These vivid perennials are hummingbird magnets, and butterflies and bees can’t get enough of their sweet nectar. Some Salvias are considered annuals or tender perennials in Mississippi, so check with an associate at our garden center to confirm that your chosen variety is a perennial.  

Coreopsis: These brightly colored daisy looking blooms come in shades of yellow and can also have a red accented center. They grow about 18”-24” and make a great addition to any garden or container.

Pine Hills Nursery - Heat-Tolerant Perennials to Plant This Spring-butterfly bush plant

Butterfly Bush: Long panicles of blooms similar to lilacs emerge from this shrubby, herbaceous perennial. Its cool blue-green foliage contrasts beautifully against its jewel-toned flowers, usually in shades of purple or lavender. Butterflies can’t get enough of it—no surprises there! 

Verbena: The beauty of this heat-tolerant perennial matches its spectacular, citrusy fragrance! Its blooms are small but prolific, growing in voluminous, globe-shaped clusters. There are plenty of romantic pink, red, and purple shades to choose from—deep burgundy Verbena is particularly striking!

Pine Hills Nursery - Heat-Tolerant Perennials to Plant This Spring-coneflower in garden
Coneflower: This gorgeous native wildflower can handle periods of drought like no other. Its daisy-like flowers are a favorite among local pollinators—they love to visit familiar flowers that remind them of home! You may know the Coneflower by its other name, Echinacea—that’s right, it’s the same medicinal plant they use in cough medicines and herbal teas! 

Ornamental Grasses: Tall, wispy grasses add beautiful texture, height, and movement to the scenery, and some have feathery tufts that dance in the breeze. Try heat-tolerant varieties like Liriope, Pampas Grass, Fountain Grass, Maiden Grass, and Zebra Grass. 

Discover even more heat-tolerant perennials for Mississippi by visiting Pine Hills Nursery! Our experts are eager to help you find the perfect plants to suit your style, space, and skill level. 

Rachel Bond

Rachel Bond

I grew up around our family garden center, Pine Hills Nursery while attending Mississippi State University and studying Horticulture. Now I work there full-time and love it!