We love gardens and plants of all shapes and sizes, but we reserve a special corner of our hearts for hanging baskets. They’re just so spectacular! Suspending hanging baskets around your porch or patio creates a colorful overhead canopy, maximizing the space in which you can grow even more magnificent plants. Is there anything dreamier than being surrounded by beautiful blooms everywhere you look?

The Incomparable Beauty of Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets tend to look best with trailing plants. The cascading vines of foliage and flowers will create better visual impact and clearer sightlines, as opposed to more compact plants that may not be visible when hung overhead. With in-your-face color and such grandiose displays, hanging baskets are a worthy impulse-buy you’ll never regret!

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Annual flowering plants are a popular choice for hanging baskets because of their prolific blooms and fast growth, but they’re certainly not the only viable option! Hanging baskets are quite versatile—you can plant perennial flowers, a mix of different flower and foliage varieties, or even edible plants like cherry tomatoes or strawberries!

You’ll be amazed at how hanging baskets will dramatically transform the look and feel of your patio space. Lush vines and beautiful blooms dancing in the breeze never fail to bring a sense of vitality, splendor, and opulence. Pick a color scheme that captures the energy you want to bring in 2022, and have fun curating a gorgeous custom hanging basket display, for an awe-inspiring ambiance that sets the tone for outdoor entertaining.

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Hanging Basket Care 101

Learning how to care for hanging baskets is a bit different than caring for plants in a garden bed. Since the containers hold much less soil than a big, sprawling garden, there are some factors to consider when caring for your plants. But don’t worry—it isn’t difficult to care for hanging baskets—it’s just a matter of maintaining a solid routine!

How to Water Hanging Baskets

Moisture evaporates more quickly in container gardens than it does in a big garden bed. During the hottest summer months, it’s very likely that you’ll need to water your plants every day. Don’t let the soil dry out too much, or your plants may suffer from dehydration and begin to wilt. 

For best results, water your hanging baskets early in the morning. That way, the soil isn’t heated up by the afternoon sun, so the water won’t immediately evaporate, and your plants will have more time to soak in all that moisture. 


Most of the flowering annuals or other popular plants for hanging baskets require 6–8 hours of sun per day. That being said, our sunshine can get pretty intense during the peak summer months in Mississippi. From June until August, your baskets might be better off in a spot that gets lots of morning sun, and gentle shade in the afternoon. 

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Fertilizer & Maintenance 

With less soil from which your plants can draw up nutrients, it’s important to top up the nutrient supply regularly so your plants don’t starve. Every two weeks, use a water-soluble fertilizer, like Miracle-Gro or Scotts Super Bloom. Remember to follow the directions closely and water the soil directly. 

If your hanging baskets start getting leggy, trim the vines short to the rim of the pot. This will encourage your plants to grow thicker and fuller, while still developing those long, trailing vines that we absolutely adore.

Discover all our incredible annuals, perennials, and edible plants to grow in hanging baskets in Mississippi! Visit us at Pine Hills Nursery to see the latest colors, styles, and trending plants to transform your garden into your own personal paradise. 

Rachel Bond

Rachel Bond

I grew up around our family garden center, Pine Hills Nursery while attending Mississippi State University and studying Horticulture. Now I work there full-time and love it!


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