Our Favorite Plant Gifts and How to Wrap Them

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In the rush of the holiday season, gift shopping can get hectic, overwhelming, and expensive. Finding the right gift for that special someone—or just an acquaintance or coworker—becomes less of a fun exploration and more of a chore. Take that mindset out of your holiday shopping and give a gift that will truly be appreciated and taken care of: a gorgeous holiday plant! Here are some of the best plants to gift during the holidays and some ideas for wrapping them to make your gift extra festive!

Holiday Plants

A traditional gift for both loved ones and acquaintances, poinsettias are one of the best holiday plants to give this holiday season. Poinsettias have been a staple of holiday decor since the late 1800s, owing to their vibrant red bracts and lush green foliage. As this plant originates in tropical Mexico, it’s happiest when kept indoors and well-watered. 

Pine Hills Nursery-Mississippi- Our Favorite Plant Gifts and How to Wrap Them-christmas cactus
A longer-lasting classic holiday gift is the stunning Christmas Cactus. They produce vibrant blooms of varying colors from November to February before going dormant in the spring through summer. Like the poinsettia, this staple winter plant has tropical origins and is happiest in bright, high-humidity environments. We recommend a bright bathroom windowsill or including your Christmas Cactus in a cluster of other plants in a well-lit part of the home. 

These holiday staples often come pre-wrapped in bright foil. We recommend taking things a step further and adding ribbon or added layers of colorful foil for more cheer. Be mindful that the gift recipient may want to keep their new holiday plant in its festive wrapping, so opt for waterproof materials! Given the specific requirements of these lovely plants, we also suggest including a hand-written care card from Santa to ensure your recipient’s gift lasts through the holiday season.

Pine Hills Nursery-Mississippi- Our Favorite Plant Gifts and How to Wrap Them-succulentsHouseplants and Succulents

For a gift that will endure through all four seasons, look no further than a hand-picked houseplant. Many houseplants won’t take well to travel, wrapping, and gifting, so aim for durability. Some of the best indoor plants to give include Snake Plants (Dracaena trifasciata), Peace Lilies, Spider Plants, ZZ Plants, and Pothos. These plants are all similar in that they are resilient and forgiving while also being absolutely gorgeous!

However, if your friend or loved one isn’t an expert in plant care and you’re looking for something even easier to maintain, give them a succulent! Famously impossible to kill, these drought-tolerant plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors—and are some of the best plants to gift! They rival any houseplant in style and beauty, with the added bonus of actually benefiting from being forgotten about every now and then. 

To wrap your houseplant or succulent gift, consider covering a cardboard box with an open top in festive wrapping paper. Place your plant gift in the box and tuck moss or tissue paper around it for both security and flare. Alternatively, wrap the potted plant in burlap and finish with a rich red ribbon for a simple, homespun look to your gift.

Pine Hills Nursery-Mississippi- Our Favorite Plant Gifts and How to Wrap Them-watering can and houseplant
Pottery and Accessories

To really kick your plant gift up a notch, include some pottery or plant care accessories! A beautiful glazed pot and saucer instantly elevate the gift of a simple plant and can be reused time and time again. Additionally, all you have to do to “wrap” your gift is tie a simple bow, as the pottery will do all the talking! For added gifting points, include extra potting soil, a watering can, a moisture meter, gardening hand tools, or all the above. 

Decorative garden accessories are sure to make your gift shine as well! After all, no garden is complete without a birdhouse, sculpture, decorative basket, or wind chimes. 

Gift Cards

If your gift recipient is picky, don’t worry—we have one last option for you. Sometimes the best plant to give as a gift is one your loved one picks out themself, so it’s hard to go wrong with a gift card to Pine Hills Nursery! We will conveniently mail your gift card right to you or the gift recipient, or you can come and pick it up in person!

Pine Hills Nursery-Mississippi- Our Favorite Plant Gifts and How to Wrap Them-gift card

If you’ve been wondering where to shop for gifts for your plant-lover (and how to wrap them), look no further than Pine Hills Nursery in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Whether you are looking for a traditional holiday plant, an easy-care houseplant, plant accessories, or a simple gift card, we have you covered! 


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